Tommy Biscotti

When I met Tommy, he had a dream to share his inspired interpretation of biscotti with the world. I partnered with Tom to create his brand, Tommy Biscotti.

This comprehensive project included recipe testing and cost analysis, brand and market research, business planning, identity development, securing of retail space, creating sales displays, designing marketing materials, developing social media campaigns and launching the website. Tommy Biscotti debuted in 2014 at Columbus’ historic North Market.

It’s a Better Biscotti
Rich, sweet-‘n’-moist deliciousness in fun and inspiring flavors. Baked with primo ingredients and delivered fresh, Tommy Biscotti leaves dry, stale old biscotti in the dust.

Brand Story

Like a good book, a brand must have a great story.

It was important for Tommy Biscotti to connect his business to his love for baking. He grew up enjoying the creativity of baking and some of his best memories from childhood were from his Mother’s kitchen.

I used this inspiration to tell Tommy's origin story in the style of a children’s book.

There once was a boy named Tommy. He loved to bake because baking made his taste buds happy. His mother taught him how, and soon he could stir with his very own spoon.

Tommy had a friend named Bud, and taste made Bud happy too.
Together, little Tommy and Bud explored all the flavors they could imagine,
with the help of their favorite play-thing — a toy oven.

Tommy and bud went on many adventures together, no matter how far. One day, while roaming through the European country side, they stumbled upon a bakery with a sign that read, “biscotti."

“Sad, dry biscotti, it’s a shame you won’t smile, and your flavor is just like worn socks in a pile.

Such a fun shape could be like fun toys to bring more smiles and joy to the girls and the boys.” said Bud.

“You’re right” said Tommy right back to friend Bud, “I’ll be the one who bakes biscotti with love!”

So as little Tommy grew into a man, his biscotti would become famous all over the land.
For who could ignore what just one taste shows, a new biscotti so yummy your taste buds explode!