Ohio State Design Alumni

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Ohio State University Department of Design. This celebration presents an opportunity to strengthen the bond between Department faculty and staff, current students, the Columbus community and 50 years of OSU design alumni.

I began a campaign in 2014 to engage the Ohio State design alumni family and develop a "culture of connection". By establishing traditions and networks, design alumni will remain active members of the Department of Design academic experience and gain a professional advantage.


CSCA at Ohio State

  • Wrote a charter to establish CSCA at Ohio State as CSCA's first student organization

  •  Served as President (2015-2016)

Design Alumni After Party  

  • This one is simple: get everyone together for a party (Join in after the spring exhibition)

We're not asking for $, we're just saying:

If you give to the Ohio State University, your money can directly benefit the Department of Design. Click the link to view funds that directly support design at Ohio State.