Independents' Day Festival 2014

I volunteered to create a system of icons to help visitors navigate the new Franklinton location of the Independents’ Day festival. The concept was based on a preexisting color palette and geometric design scheme. I used variations of geometric patterns with repeating sphere backgrounds overlaid by iconic images in the festival’s brand red.

54 individual icons in two categories — features and sponsors — were developed and applied to the festival’s advertisements, signage, and website.

Normally, I would not alter color and background of a company’s logo. In this case, converting logos to the Independents’ Day brand red and overlaying logos on the geometric sphere created a visual unity between the festival and its partners. This union of community is what the festival is all about.

Normal installation protocol was abandoned as signage was stapled to tethered wood pallets and even duct taped to dumpsters.